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 Sports Massage Therapy:
Manipulation of the soft tissues of the body

The improvement to tissue condition will reduce muscle stiffness, pain and fatigue, increase flexibility and range of movement.
As excess tension is relieved and hypotonic muscles are stimulated, improved balance between muscle groups will be gained and greater postural awareness will be achieved.
Where dysfunction is present massage can improve the speed and quality of soft tissue repair through effective treatment and post care advice.
 Effects: Physiological:
  • Stimulates circulation aiding decongestion of tissues and reducing blood viscosity.
  • Aids in the removal of metabolic waste products from the tissues.
  • Skin elasticity improves and exfoliation of superficial cells occurs.
  • Can effect the mental of a client by either stimulating them or reducing their level of stress.
  • Performed vigorously it can help increase mental alertness and leave clients stimulated and ready for activity.
  • Reduces anxiety providing feelings of well-being enhancing relaxation.
Using the ancient principles of massage, practiced throughout the world for centuries, sports massage takes and applies them with a greater understanding of how the human body functions. The title of this page may suggest a focus on working within sport. Though there can be an emphasis on active clients, those suffering from conditions that limit what they do will benefit from sports massage.
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